Who We Are

With roots in the printing capital of Nashville, Tennessee, FCI Brands is the culmination of more than 100 years of growth in the industry for the Francis family.  What began as a calendar production company in 1919 has evolved to be a full-service strategic marketing, promotional supply, and print innovation firm. The creation, continuity, promotion and recognition of your brand is at the core of everything we do.  With an award-winning graphic design team, state of the art printing facilities, global and domestic product sourcing, industry specific marketing experts, and commitment to exceptional customer care, we are the team to take your business and your brand to the next level.

Our Story


Virgil Walter Francis Sr. starts a calendar printing company called Francis and Lusky in downtown Nashville Tennessee.


Virgil W. Francis Jr. comes to work for the family business after working in the insurance industry and helps boost company growth to a much higher level.


The company moved from the downtown location to their new location at 1450 Elm Hill Pike after the city of Nashville built the I-40 Interstate through downtown.


Virgil W. Francis III (Bud) joins the growing family business as the third generation of the Francis family and goes on to lead the business as President to record growth.


Under the leadership of Bud Francis, the company adds their FALCO division and soon became the largest calendar printing company in the southern United States.


Bud Francis branches off to form Francis Communications Inc., also known as FCI Promos,
and begins specializing in promotional products.


Arena Imprints Inc. was formed, bringing screen printing and creative services
in-house, further expanding operations in printing and promotions.


Kirk Francis joins the businesses as the fourth generation of the Francis family to help his father continue the tradition of providing commercial print services and promotional sales on a global scale. That same year, the companies moved to 467 Chestnut Street in downtown Nashville.


Bud Francis retires and his son, Kirk, becomes President/CEO. Under Kirk’s leadership, promotional products business continues to grow and the company’s fulfillment division is launched.


Our companies rebranded as FCI Brands, and relocated to 1870 Air Lane Drive
in Nashville to further expand our printing and fulfillment services on a broader scale.

Why Choose Us

Creative Services

With award-winning graphic designers and a diverse team of experienced printing professionals, our team is limited only by the scope of your imagination in bringing your brand to life. With the latest equipment, innovative typography and print methodology, exceptional artwork and fully custom capabilities, we will always deliver ideas that make an impact.

Strategic Marketing

With more than fifty years of combined experience in branding, public relations, media and marketing, our Emmy-winning marketing team understands what it takes to make your brand really stand out for all the right reasons.  From logo creation and annual budgeting/strategic planning, to identifying the most effective and most efficient touch points to powerfully engage your end users, our team can guide you through building your brand, expanding your brand recognition or re-branding to incorporate new products and services.

Digital Expansion and Innovation

Looking to expand your digital footprint, your voice or your presence in the sea of today’s social media and marketing? We have a team for that. We are experts in building todays ever growing and changing technology into timely and relevant promotions that enhance your brand experience. Integrating QR codes, custom playlists, landing pages, redemption catalogs, social media shells and more are just a few of the hundreds of ways that seamlessly integrating technology can put your brand into thousands more hands.

Our Values

Our customers mean everything to us, and we’ll do everything to make sure you feel that way. We strive to be the best in the industry, and exceptional quality and unparalleled service are the hallmarks of our company.
What can we do for you? Explore our services.